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Our Mushrooms

Find your favorite mushroom and learn more about it.


Golden Oyster 

pleurotus citrinopileatus

This mushroom is extremely  bitter and tangy when lightly cooked. When crisply cooked a strong cashew-like flavor is developed. Perfect for stir-frys. 

Grow kits available

Lions Mane 

hericium erinaceus 

Hypha Mushrooms farm favorite! This mushroom has a flavor similar to lobster and  eggplant. One of the most versatile  mushrooms we grow, perfect as a meat substitute or in stir-frys. 

Grow kits available

white m ushroom_edited.png

Enoki Mushroom

flammulina velutipes

Flavorful mushroom cap and stem! Traditionally a lightly cooked mushroom used in soups or stir-frys. It's unique small cap and long stem is a perfect and delicous garnish as well.

Grow kit unavailable

King Blue Oyster 

Pleurotus eryngii,

The King Blue Oyster mushroom, a versatile mushroom, is known for its robust flavor and meaty texture. A taste profile of umami and mildly sweet. Perfect for stir-fries, pizza toppings, pasta dishes, and Asian dishes. 

Grow kits available 

Blue oys _edited.jpg
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